A Coffee Lover’s Best Comrade – The Coffee Travel Mug


Please do not buy an inexpensive gas station travel mug! There is plenty to think about before you just toss hard cash out the window. Don’t be suckered in by the many junky plastic mugs polluting the shelves of every convenience store on the block. If you just buy whatever from a local grocery market you may own a new item for the trash can rather than a valuable coffee vessel. Follow through this article and you’ll know very well what to look for to find a top quality coffee travel mug.
If you keep reading, you will find some helpful pointers to help out in your hunt for the just right travel mug.
Location, location, location. Will you be hauling it around at work, or using it in your car? If you will be using your mug at work, you possibly will desire to consider buying a mug with a nice wide foot, so you don’t knock it over on your desk.
As the name suggests, a travel mug is usually used on the move. If you will be drinking coffee in your car then you must consider your cup holder. Cup holders are the disgrace of many an vehicle. Some can hold everything you chuck at them, while others can only hold a 12 oz soda can. Make certain your cup holder can accommodate whatever mug you select, particularly if it has a handle.

If you like to have a mug with a handle consider how low the mug will fit in your car’s cup holder. If the handle attaches too low on the mug it may not rest properly in the holder. If you insist on buying a travel coffee mug with a handle then you can always search for a mug with a handle located high on the mug.
Quantity, quantity, quantity. Do you plan on putting your bladder through a daily marathon, or are you a sipping type of person? Remember, that a big coffee mug is a burdensome coffee mug.
Some like it hot! Do you like your coffee to remain smoking hot? If you are a slow coffee drinker you will beyond doubt desire a double insulated travel coffee mug.

The less surface area a mug has the better job insulation can perform. Squatty mugs that are insulated, or double walled usually will keep coffee hot for longer than a tall mug. Short and fat mugs may keep coffee hot the longest, but they may not fit your car’s cup holder.
Now consider what your mug is built of? Do you enjoy stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, or all three?

You can’t go wrong with stainless steel, and ceramic adds a good insulating factor. Double insulated stainless steel travel mugs that are stainless on the inside and out are very nice, but combining ceramics and steel is awesome. Stainless steel looks pleasant and it lasts. Purchase the appropriate mug and you can hold on to if for a long time.
The next thing to consider is the mug’s lid. The lid is really the thing that makes a travel mug a travel mug. If you will be using your travel mug in your car you will desire a lid with a slip slider, or other device to keep hot coffee from splashing out and onto your lap. I never buy a mug with a loose swivel shut off.

Those things are infamous for leaking. Swivel slides habitually become loose and leak coffee everywhere. I would obtain a mug with a firm fitting slip slider.
Next you will desire to consider how the lid attaches to the travel mug. Most travel mug lids have a lower piece that fits inside the mug. They are held with rubber gaskets.

If you drop your mug, one of these types of lids may come off. The most desirable lids are screw on. Those puppies will not go anyplace. It is relatively arduous to obtain all stainless travel mugs with screw on lids, but if you search high and low you will probably find one.

Lastly, you must take appropriate care of your travel mug if you desire it to last. Practically all double insulated mugs are not dishwasher safe. You must wash your mug by hand. Make sure you don’t soak it in water either. Double insulated mugs consist of an inner and outer shell that is glued together with a top ring. If you soak it long enough water will leak into the inner walls and wreck your mug.

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