Lawyers specialized in Criminal Law and Economic Criminal Law


Criminal law is an area of ​​law that regulates and manages the sanctioning power awarded by the State. Starting from a factual assumption that can be classified as “criminal conduct”, this is derived and a legal consequence is associated with it, with the corresponding penalty.

At Navas & Cusí we have a team of lawyers specialized in the  defense and advice of criminal conduct , providing advice to both individuals and companies in all cases, exercising both defense and prosecution in all types of criminal proceedings and instances.

Specifically, within the branch of Criminal Law, the Navas & Cusí office is specialized in criminal conduct that makes up the so-called economic criminal law. The introduction of criminal liability of legal persons in the Criminal Code, in 2010 and the reform of 2015, has been a great boost to economic criminal law, and specifically areas such as the so-called “criminal compliance”, or the plan of action by companies in order to comply with regulations and avoid illegal situations.
Navas & Cusí takes charge of the criminal defense and processing of any related matter in this area, assuming the defense of our clients in any national jurisdiction and also in the European Union.

Criminal lawyers: legal advice and defense in criminal law – economic

Some examples of the crimes in which we provide legal advice and guidance are:

  • Economic crimes
  • Documentary falsehood
  • Crime of fraud
  • Injury crime
  • Misappropriation
  • Crimes against honor
  • Crimes against Social Security
  • Crime of confiscation of assets
  • Compliance officer
  • Money laundering
  • Crimes against property and the socioeconomic order
  • Corporate crimes of criminal law of the company
  • Crimes against the Public Treasury
  • Crimes against the planning of the territory
  • Environmental crimes
  • Crimes against industrial and intellectual property
  • Crimes against the market and consumers
  • Medical and professional negligence crimes
  • Crimes against honor
  • Crimes for falsification of documents
  • Crimes against people
  • Extraditions and European Delivery Orders
  • Criminal compliance
  • Crimes of gender violence
  • Traffic offenses (alcohol and others)
Our  success within criminal law  is focused on economic criminal offenses, where money laundering, scams, misappropriations, corporate crimes,  compliance , tax crimes, punishable insolvency, crimes against intellectual and industrial property, subsidy fraud appear , discovery of company secrets, falsification of credit cards and effects, crimes against consumers, fraud in energy consumption, telecommunications fraud, misleading advertising.

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