The Best Ways to Manage Stress


We’ve all managed to muddle through a historically difficult time due to the nightmarish beast that was the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus swept over the world like a devastating dark curtain and plunged so many of us into a state of existence that seemed entirely devoid of relaxation. The average person’s overall health definitely took a hit amidst all the stress. You’d go to turn on the TV and the next thing you know you’re being told that if you’re someone who has heart disease or a compromised immune system, that you could be in dire straits. No good, no good at all.

Perhaps you were able to cultivate a collection of helpful self-care tools that you broke out whenever your anxiety had skyrocketed through the roof, and your general psyche was being ravenously consumed by existential dread. You’re not alone if you welcomed a practice with a multitude of benefits like meditation into your life.

Maybe the experience of living through the Coronavirus was its own period of enlightenment, where you realized that you don’t have the tools you need to properly manage stress. Well, with post-quarantine summer getting underway, and the world returning back to some semblance of normalcy there couldn’t be a better time to welcome in some new ways to manage your stress. But where to start? Fortunately, we’ve been able to round up a quick and highly effective team of self-care tips that you can break out whenever you feel like you need the mental and/or physical reset.

1. Chaga Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms are having their time. Seriously, the world has welcomed medicinal mushrooms into the health and wellness scene with enthusiasm, love, and genuine excitement. Specifically, it’s easy to get worked up about the Chaga mushroom benefits.

The chaga extract has already been shown in studies to effectively boost immune health. If there’s one thing that you and everyone else are trying to hack, it’s supporting immunity in the face of the inevitable waves of nasty viruses and colds. Chaga mushrooms are able to boost your immune health because they contain lymphocyte cells and increase macrophage activation.

You want those lymphocyte cells because they’re able to produce antibodies that ward off destructive viruses and bacteria. The macrophages will serve as a helpful backup during that process as well. The beneficial effects of Chaga mushrooms don’t stop there though.

Chaga mushrooms have also been shown to help promote higher energy levels, aid in blood sugar regulation, and potentially even help out with your gut and liver health. That’s a whole lot of purely good and healthy things coming from a fungus.

2. Massage

Hopefully, you’ve been fortunate enough to embrace massage therapy, and have been able to find a massage therapist that works for you. However, if you’re new to exploring the world of massage therapy there are a wealth of options available at your disposal.

Maybe you’re a competitive athlete who is regularly putting your body through the wringer and could thus benefit from a sports massage. Or maybe you’ve been weathering a particularly nasty life situation storm that came your way and could use a therapeutic massage. The world of massage therapy has something for everyone.

You just need to find your ideal massage. From there, it’s only a matter of time before you’re sprawled out on the massage table, surrounded by oils, hot water, and having your literal existence redefined in the best way possible through something like a deep tissue massage. Again, just make the extra effort to do the necessary research to determine what type of massage will best address what you need to work on.

3. Therapy

Life is a fascinating thing. Truly, each of us are busy living out our equally valuable stories, and through the experience of living out, your story can come waves of crippling stress. There’s no good without the bad. It’s an inevitability of life. All those golden memories that you like to pull out of your memory bank when you’re looking for a mood boost also play into a higher purpose.

They couldn’t be perceived as “good” if there weren’t bad memories too. You know, the memories that practically make your knees buckle under the weight of the anxiety. Well, a great place for you to healthily work through making sense of your life story, your memories is in a therapy group or individual therapy. Everyone has their preference.

You can start by looking into what’s being offered at the Therapy Group of DC. This group has therapists that take a data-driven, personalized approach. Their results when it comes to patient satisfaction speak for themselves. 54% of their patients reported being extremely satisfied with the treatment, and 80% of the people who received treatment found it to be effective. Not only will your mind feel lighter after some group therapy or individual therapy, but you might even enjoy a health benefit like lowered blood pressure. It’s amazing what talking through what’s bothering you with a trained professional can accomplish.

With that, we’ve provided a few highly effective tools that you can integrate into your life to promote your overall wellness. Maybe you’re walking away from this article feeling ready to look into group therapy. Maybe you’re finally ready to throw down the extra money for that Thai massage that your body has all but been crying out for. The most important thing of all is that you’re taking your well-being into your own hands, and embarking upon that journey to elevate your daily existence.

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